Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable

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With years of efforts, we have won the recognition of the industry in the domestic and foreign markets. We have formed various silicone cables dominated by UL silicone cable, Silicone power cord, silicone charging line and successfully launched various products such as low smoke halogen-free cable and ev (XLPE) cable in line with the market demand.


UL halogen-free wire is a kind of low smoke halogen-free environmental protection wire.


UL halogen free wire is applicable to electrical equipment below 600volts, sensors, thermistors, electronic connectors, etc

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  • The Features of The Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable: Porcelain bonded at 850 ℃ for 90 minutes, high temperature resistance, fire prevention, environmental protection,Low smoke and halogen-free, etc

  • Low-smoke halogen-free wire (UL 10368 Halogen Free Wire) means that the wire only produces a small amount of smoke and halogen when it is burned, but does not contain harmful gases, which is a high-safety and environmentally friendly wire;

  • UL 3389 Halogen Free Wire split-spoke cross-linked XLPE, its price is relatively high; the common wire material is PVC, which contains halogen, and now the environmental protection requirements are increasing, so most manufacturers require the use of halogen-free materials, especially in public places. There is no big difference between the two in application. Most manufacturers choose halogen-free wires to replace PVC wires.

  • What is UL 3385 halogen free wire? UL 3385 halogen free wire means that the wire only produces a small amount of thick smoke and halogen bulbs when ignited, but there are no harmful substances, and it belongs to the high safety factor environmental protection wire; the low smoke halogen free wire model specifications are WDZ-BYJ, WDZ- RYJ, etc. At this stage, there are many manufacturers in China with production capacity, and the application coverage area is getting wider and wider.

  • UL 3302 Halogen Free Wire refers to the halogen substance of the insulating layer material of the wire. In the case of combustion, it does not release halogen-containing gas and has a low smoke concentration. The reference standard is JB/T 10491-2004, and the models are WDZ-BYJ, WDZ-RYJ And so on, there are a large number of domestic manufacturers with production capacity.