Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable

The Features of The Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable: Porcelain bonded at 850 ℃ for 90 minutes, high temperature resistance, fire prevention, environmental protection, Low smoke and halogen-free, etc
Product Description


1. The Introduction of The Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable


Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable means that the wire only produces a small amount of smoke and halogen when it is burned, but does not contain harmful gases, which is a high-safety and environmentally friendly wire; low-smoke halogen-free wire models include WDZ-BYJ, WDZ-RYJ, etc., currently domestic There are already a large number of manufacturers with production capacity, and the use coverage is getting wider and wider.


2. The Parameter of The Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable


Fire Resistant Low Smoke Halogen- free Ceramic Slica Gel Cable














Maximum Current

Resistance of Conductor at


Maimum DC Resistance of Conductor at

70℃ (Ω/km)

25℃ air

Laying Current




2.5 19/0.41 0.8 0.5 5.20 7.41 0.11 34.0 100
4 19/0.52 0.8 0.5 5.80 4.61 0.009 44.5 100
6 19/0.64 0.8 0.5 6.60 3.08 0.0084 58.0 100
10 49/0.52 1.0 0.5 8.60 1.83 0.0072 79.2 100
16 49/0.64 1.0 0.5 9.80 1.15 0.0062 111 50
25 98/0.58 1.2 0.5 12.0 0.727 0.0058 146 50
35 133/0.58 1.2 0.5 13.5 0.524 0.0052 180 50



3. The Application of The Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable


Scope of application: Home decoration wire, locomotive, aviation, oill tanker.


4. The Features of The Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable


Rated voltage: 450 / 750V

Maximum temperature: 1000 C

Conductor material: Tinned copper / Bare copper

Insulating material: Ceramic rubber / XLPE

Flame retardant grade: FT2 / VW-1

Product color: Red, blue, green, yellow and green


5. The Certification of The Fire Resistant Ceramic Silicone Cable




6. The Introduction of The Dongguan Zhongzhen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


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A:We are a 13years factory with more than 20 engineers and have gained the supplier assessment.


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A:1000M,The wire will be cut in the length you need, and pack it based on your requirement.


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A: After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. Sample is free, but the freight charge should be paid.


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