• The extra soft silicone wire is generally used as a connecting wire inside electronic and electrical equipment, such as motors, electric vehicles, etc., and can also be used as household wires. But many people don't understand the performance advantages of the ultra-soft silicone cable, so now ZHONGZHEN will introduce the advantages of the ultra-soft silicone cable?


  • Silicone rubber has good air permeability and oxygen transmission rate is the highest among synthetic polymers. In addition, silicone rubber has outstanding properties of being physiologically inert and not causing coagulation, so it is widely used in the medical field. The main material of the extra soft silicone wire shell is silicone rubber.


  • It is used for electrical connection between mobile electrical appliances in high temperature environments such as power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. It has the advantages of light, thin, short, many specifications and good insulation and safety performance.


  • High temperature silicone wire generally refers to silicone high temperature wire. Silicone high-temperature wire is made of high-quality silicone rubber and high-purity tinned copper stranded wire, which has the advantages of high and low temperature resistance, insulation, etc. So, how to maintain the high temperature silicone wire better?


  • 3239 Silicone wire conductor adopts 28-10AWG single or twisted bare copper or tinned copper wire, silicone rubber insulation, uniform insulation thickness, easy to peel and cut. Through the FT2 horizontal fire test, the 3239 silicone wire can be used for internal connection of electronic and electrical equipment (such as motors, etc.).


  • The silicone wire can be woven into the silicone wire without weaving. The conductor material is made of high-purity tin-plated or silver-plated copper wire, and the outer protective layer is made of silicone rubber material, which has anti-acid, alkali, anti-fungal properties, resistance to humid and heat environments, and polymer oil. Can be used in environments below -60 to 200 degrees. Silicon chambers are mainly suitable for lamps, home appliances, electrical appliances, digital home appliances, motor candidates and internal wiring of computers.


  • Ordinary wires and cables use plastic and rubber as insulating covers. These materials are common engineering materials, and there are abundant sources to meet large-scale production, and the cost is relatively low. However, for some special industries related to heat and high temperature, such as petrochemical, steel, aerospace, shipbuilding, military industry, pharmaceuticals, food, plastic machinery, boilers, etc.


  • High temperature resistant cable generally refers to high temperature resistant wire and cable. High temperature resistant wire and cable is a cable that can normally transmit signals or electrical energy under high temperature.


  • Wire and cable are wire products used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. The generalized wire and cable is also referred to as the cable, and the narrow-sense cable refers to the insulated cable, which can be defined as: an aggregate composed of the following parts


  • "Wbe2022" world battery industry expo and the 7th Asia Pacific battery exhibition was held in Guangzhou from August 9 to 11, 2022.


  • In the process of turning and laying power EV cables, it is often easy to cause mechanical damage. Why? It turned out that the outer diameter of the power cable is generally relatively large, and the requirements for the turning radius are strict. After investigation, it was found that many of the later discovered power transmission problems were caused during the laying of power cables.


  • The environmental impact of the cable conductor recycling process is mainly based on energy consumption analysis, and simple measurements are made based on the energy consumption of bio-aluminum and bio-copper.