Advantages of Silicone Data Cables


China Zhongzhen New Energy factory's silicone electrical data cable uses the same environmentally friendly silicone material as the baby pacifier. It is non-toxic, antibacterial and degradable, and will not emit toxicity due to heat generated by current input. The silicone electrical data cable we tested can withstand up to 40 kg. The weight loss, the tensile force test and the swing test were carried out more than 2000 times under the condition of 300N. After the test, the data cable is still safe and sound, which is an incredible existence in the previous silicone technology.


Advantages of Silicone Data Cables


Another dazzling advantage of the silicone data cable is that it does not tangle and does not get knotted. I believe everyone has such an experience: when the data cable is clearly made, all kinds of acrobatic knots or even "death entanglement" occur when it is placed in the bag. It takes a lot of time and patience to "unlock". The flexibility of the silicone data cable is quite high, no matter how it is ravaged, it can be easily stretched, and there is no need to worry about the problem of tangling and knotting the data cable.


The silicone data cable of China Zhongzhen New Energy factory is anti-winding and no knotting


At present, the most common materials for data cables on the market are PVC and nylon. The biggest advantage of the two is that they are cheap, but the disadvantages are also very obvious; PVC is not environmentally friendly, which is a well-known disadvantage. In addition, nylon braided data cables contain amido groups, which have great water absorption. If the data cable is used in a humid environment, the overall yield strength will be reduced and the data cable will be easily deformed. Therefore, the data cable damage rate of these two materials is very high, but a high-quality liquid silicone data cable is generally designed with enameled wire. +Bulletproof wire structure, greatly improve its practical life and environment


Silicone Data Cables


To sum up, the liquid silicone data cable has its own incomparable advantages. The silicone material of the silicone data cable is indispensable. The characteristics of silicone such as yellowing resistance, aging resistance, and insulation are also worthy of reference. In addition, the softness and plasticity of silicone can achieve various shapes, various storage shapes, etc., and it can become an Internet celebrity line, which is essential for hype, but it must also have its advantages.