Cables for Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Circuits


Today, chief engineer Zeng from China Quality Inspection Bureau, who is in charge of UL project, came to our company to discuss the opening of the Cables for Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Circuits.




The Cables for Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Circuits included model.


a) Type FPLP (plenum cable),

b) Type FPLR (riser cable), and

c) Type FPL (cable for other than plenum and riser uses in general and in trays).


Product model and production scope






Product use for


The fire-proof cable is applicable to high-rise buildings, entertainment places and many high-quality and highly safe building projects. It is used for the power supply lines of fire elevators, fire pumps, fire alarms, smoke exhaust systems, emergency lighting, fire hazard areas, high-temperature occasions and facilities requiring special safety in the fire-fighting system.


Product structure



Product structure:

central conductor:

Soft annealed copper, solid or stranded, shall be round and conform to ASTM B 3.

Multi strand stranded conductor: 19-10awg, the maximum stranding distance is 20 times the stranded outer diameter; 26-20awg max. stranding pitch 30 times stranding outer diameter.

Insulator: flame retardant PVC

Shielding layer: aluminum foil shielding + copper wire braided shielding (optional)

Ground wire: copper wire consistent with the central conductor

Tape wrapping: PS wrapping or mica tape wrapping (optional)

Tear rope: nylon rope

Sheath: flame retardant PVC sheath, color: (optional)


Product performance



● physical and mechanical properties: the tensile strength of insulation shall not be less than 10.3MPA, and the elongation at break shall not be less than 100%; The tensile strength of the sheath shall not be less than 10.3MPA, and the elongation at break shall not be less than 100%; Comply with ul1581 50.182 test requirements

● minimum bending radius: 10 x D, low temperature -15 ℃, minimum bending diameter ≤ 12.5mm

● working voltage: 300/300v

● test voltage: 1500V

● operating temperature range 75 ℃ 90 ℃ 105 ℃ (optional)

● fire resistance and flame retardancy rating shall comply with ul1424 standard

Fire tests of fplr, cl2r and cl3r meet the requirements of UL1666

FPL, Cl2 and CL3 fire tests conform to ul1581 vertical combustion VW-1 or CSA ft4/ieee-1202 combustion test requirements


Product advantages

● products have passed ul1424 and UL13 certification

● the wire shall meet the requirements of low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant, fire resistance and green environmental protection.

● low smoke halogen-free wires and cables generate a very small amount of smoke under the condition of flame combustion, and the released gas does not contain halogen. When a fire occurs, it can greatly reduce the harm to instruments, equipment and human body.

● the wire has high flame retardant performance, strong self extinguishing property, and extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire.

● long service life, inorganic insulating material, high temperature resistance, and not easy to aging. Its service life is many times longer than that of organic insulated cable. Under normal working conditions, its service life can be the same as that of the building.