Can UL silicone wire be used at home?


UL silicone wire has many advantages over ordinary wire. The use of UL silicone wire is also very extensive. Such as: wiring in high temperature places such as household appliances, lighting fixtures, industrial machines, and electric heating products. UL silicone wire is relatively high temperature resistant. So, can UL silicone wire be used at home? In response to this question, ZHONGZHEN NEW ENERGY Factory will introduce it to you.


Can UL silicone wire be used at home


The insulating layer of silicone wire is silicone rubber, so it has good insulation. Generally speaking, there will be no leakage, electric shock and other accidents, which can improve the safety of electricity use. It has good environmental adaptability and can operate at -60℃~200℃. Silicone wire has good antibacterial properties, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance and aging resistance, and its service life is much higher than that of ordinary wires.


However, it is difficult to use its full strength in a home environment. Ordinary wires can handle most scenarios. Also, silicone wires are more expensive than regular wires.


Silicone wire is used in the following common household appliances: such as heaters, ovens, microwave ovens, rice cookers, electric blankets, electric stoves, etc.


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It can be seen that the performance of silicone wire in the home field is a bit excessive, but it gives us a safer and more worry-free choice. ZHONGZHEN NEW ENERGY Factory is a silicone wires manufacturer specializing in the production of various types of UL silicone wires, exporting tens of millions of dollars every year. The products have passed ISO international certification. Customers and friends are welcome to contact us to wholesale and customize related silicone wire products.