Classification of wire and cable products


Wire and cable are wire products used to transmit electrical (magnetic) energy, information and realize electromagnetic energy conversion. The generalized wire and cable is also referred to as the cable, and the narrow-sense cable refers to the insulated cable, which can be defined as: an aggregate composed of the following parts; one or more insulated cores, and their respective possible coverings, the total protective layer and outer sheath, the cable may also have additional uninsulated conductors. There are many kinds of wires and cables, and now we will introduce the classification of wire and cable products for a long time to help you understand them in more detail.


Classification of wire and cable products


1. Bare wire and bare conductor products


The main features of this product are: pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheath layers, such as steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, copper-aluminum busbar, electric locomotive lines, etc. The processing process is mainly pressure processing such as smelting, rolling, drawing, kinking/extrusion occlusion. Products are mainly used in suburbs, rural areas, user main lines, switch cabinets, etc.


2. Power cable


The main feature of these products is the addition of multiple core winches (corresponding to the phase, neutral and ground wires of the power system) or jacket layers such as overhead insulated cables (such as overhead insulated cables with more than 2 cores) or overhead insulated cables with more than 2 cores Insulated cables (corresponding to phase, neutral and ground of the power system).


The main process technologies include tension, kink, insulation extrusion (wrapping), cables, gloves, protective layer extrusion, etc., and there are certain differences in different process combinations for each product. The product is mainly used for hair, matching, transportation, change, strong power transmission on power lines, and the current passing through is very large.


3. Electrical equipment wires and cables


The main features of this product are: variety, wide application range, continuous production of new products under special circumstances such as voltage below 1kV, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low smoke halogen/low smoke halogen cables, termite prevention, mouse cable system , Oil/cold/high temperature/wear-resistant cables.


4. Communication cables and optical fibers


From the simple telephone and telegraph cables in the past to thousands of pairs of word cables, coaxial cables, optical cables, data lines, and even combined communication systems. Such products generally require small size, uniformity and high manufacturing precision.


5. Magnet wire (winding wire)


Mainly used for various motors, instruments and so on.


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