How to maintain the high temperature silicone wire better?


High temperature silicone wire generally refers to silicone high temperature wire. Silicone high-temperature wire is made of high-quality silicone rubber and high-purity tinned copper stranded wire, which has the advantages of high and low temperature resistance, insulation, etc. So, how to maintain the high temperature silicone wire better?



High temperature silicone wire maintenance precautions: The wire should not be damp, heated, corroded or scratched. After several years, please pay attention to check the wire, if found defective, it should be replaced in time. Do not overload the wires. Check your home's electrical and wiring usage frequently and make timely maintenance and repairs. For wiring in older buildings, if you find that the wiring is submerged or wet, especially if the wiring is irreparable and aging, call an electrician immediately to repair it. For pipelines prone to flooding, an electrician should be asked to rearrange the pipeline and take overhead and moisture-proof measures. If the power is cut off on rainy days, the power should be cut off immediately, and the electrician should check the cause and send someone to deal with it.


Heating cables can also be used in the following occasions: buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, gymnasiums, halls, factories, garages, duty rooms, guard boxes, etc.; in garages, warehouses, warehouses, cold rooms, etc. Heating, fast drying and curing concrete in winter construction; also used for heating public baths, hot yoga, sauna rooms, massage rooms, rest rooms, swimming pools, etc. Adapt to various environments, energy saving and high efficiency, greatly reducing the use and maintenance costs. The use of far-infrared heat radiation not only meets the temperature requirements, but also has a health care effect; melting ice and snow to prevent freezing, outdoor stairs, pedestrian bridges, building roofs, gutters, drains, parking lots, driveways, airport runways, highways, in Snow and ice melting in outdoor locations such as ramps and bridge decks.


Power facilities: protect power towers, cables, equipment, etc. from freezing and rain disasters, icing and damage; prevent hidden dangers caused by snow and icing, improve safety; ensure the normal operation of power facilities. Industrial facilities: pipeline insulation of oil pipelines, water supply pipelines, fire pipelines, etc., tank insulation, antifreeze and insulation of outdoor petroleum, electric power and other equipment. To ensure the normal operation and use of pipelines, storage tanks and equipment; Portable heating: heating of train cars (instead of electric heating), portable heating of mobile board houses and light houses; energy saving, high thermal efficiency, convenient heating, easy to disassemble and move. Agricultural facilities: greenhouses, flower houses, etc. Soil heating and ambient heating for growing environments, and breeding and brooding insulation for breeding farms, pig farms and aquariums. Ensure the temperature required for planting and breeding, maintain a good environment, promote the growth of animals and plants, and improve the survival rate. Sports facilities: swimming pool floor heating and swimming pool water insulation, gymnasium, football field open-air lawn antifreeze. It increases ground temperature, increases environmental comfort, and protects lawns for long-term growth. Other: Places and objects that require heating, heating and insulation.


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