Introducing the advantages and disadvantages of silicone wire


The silicone wire can be woven into the silicone wire without weaving. The conductor material is made of high-purity tin-plated or silver-plated copper wire, and the outer protective layer is made of silicone rubber material, which has anti-acid, alkali, anti-fungal properties, resistance to humid and heat environments, and polymer oil. Can be used in environments below -60 to 200 degrees. Silicon chambers are mainly suitable for lamps, home appliances, electrical appliances, digital home appliances, motor candidates and internal wiring of computers.


Introducing the advantages and disadvantages of silicone wire


The advantages of silicone wire: it has the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, good chemical stability, high pressure resistance, anti-aging, long life and so on. Soft and easy to install. The product has the advantages of excellent anti-acid, alkali and anti-fungal properties, resistance to humid and heat environments and various oils, good cable flexibility, waterproof and pressure resistance.


Disadvantages of silicone wire: poor reliability of the system control system. The cable itself heats up because the wire keeps getting hotter (until it melts) while it's energized. Therefore, an external temperature control system should be used to prevent the high temperature melting of the cable from being too high. Therefore, two temperature control systems are designed for all thermostats configured for heating cables. One is to control the internal ambient temperature of the room, and the other is to regulate the cable temperature (to prevent the cable from overheating). When one of the two temperature control systems reaches the set requirements, the thermostat cuts off the power and the heating cable stops working. This control mode of the heating cable makes the safety of the whole system depend entirely on the quality of the corresponding thermostat, not the product itself. Once the accompanying thermostat fails, the entire system is bound to collapse. If the floor covering material is not a flame retardant product, the user will cause huge irreparable losses.


So we'd better buy UL silicone wire, UL silicone wire can play a good role in protection and flame retardant.