Introduction of silicone wire


Silicone wire, the industrial name is AGR silicone rubber wire, is a wire made of silicone material, the suitable temperature range is -60°-200°, the voltage is 300/500V, the conductor material is tinned copper wire, and the insulator is silicone rubber. The braid is fiberglass + silicone.


Introduction of silicone wire


It has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, excellent chemical stability, high voltage resistance, aging resistance, long service life, and is soft and easy to install.


This product has good anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-fungal properties, can withstand hot and humid environment and resistance to a variety of greases, and at the same time has good cable flexibility, waterproof, pressure and other advantages.


Widely used in lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instrumentation, motor lead wires and high temperature environments such as electronics, lamps, and gas appliances.


It is suitable for cables whose long-term allowable working temperature is below +180°C and can be used in an ambient temperature range not lower than -60°C.


Wiring in high temperature places such as electronic equipment, heavy machinery, power installation, industrial machinery, electric heating products, etc., as well as internal connecting wires and instruments, motor lead wires and electronic, High temperature environments such as burning appliances.


Scope of use


1. It is installed indoors, and the movement requires softness, shielding and other occasions.


2. The bending radius is more than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable, and the laying environment temperature is not lower than 0 ℃.


Introduction of silicone wire


The above is the "Introduction of Silicone Wire" for you. The scope of use of silicone wire is very wide, and the market prospect is also very good. China ZHONGZHEN NEW ENERGY Factory is a professional various silicone wires manufacturer. Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Customers and friends are welcome to contact us to discuss cooperation.