Is The Future of Ceramicized Silicone Wire Promising?


Ceramic silicone wire is not widely used at present, so is the future of ceramic silicone wire promising?

In fact, ceramized silica gel wire is now used in electronic wire and home improvement wire. The ceramicized silicone rubber can achieve the effect of natural flame retardant and extinguishment without adding any flame retardant, which meets the standard requirements of 94V-0. It will become porcelain when burned under a fire source, and the combustion process will not produce smoke and combustion products. It is CO₂, HO₂, SiO₂, which are non-toxic products.   

The ceramic silicone wire has medium and low voltage fire-resistant wires and cables, which can keep electricity safe in the process of fire. In addition, its production requirements are the same as those of mature ordinary silicone rubber production equipment. The rubber compound has good extrusion performance and molding performance. It can be directly extruded and vulcanized into wire and cable using silicone rubber wire and cable equipment, which greatly reduces production costs. and process manufacturing.

Ceramic silicone rubber has rubber elasticity at room temperature, and it will not be brittle and fall off like mica tape after fire, and it can pass spray and vibration tests. Nowadays, the safety of major buildings is an important factor, and fire is one of the most common safety hazards. Therefore, there is a great demand for fire-resistant cables for civil buildings, so ceramic silicon rubber medium and low voltage fire-resistant cables will have great development.


Is The Future of Ceramicized Silicone Wire Promising


At present, Zhongzhen New Energy has been in the small batch trial production stage of the ceramic home improvement silicone line, and it is believed that the products will be more perfect in the near future.