Performance characteristics of extra soft silicone wire


The extra silicone wire has the advantages of high and low temperature, acid and alkali resistance, long anti-aging life, softness, easy peeling, environmental protection, flame retardant, etc., and is widely used in various industries. a bit.


Performance characteristics of extra soft silicone wire


The special soft silicon wire has the following three performance characteristics:


1. Good wear resistance


Good wear resistance, widely used;


2. Application of special silicon wire The service life of silicon wire is longer than that of general special silicon


Extra soft silicone wire is not considered for robotic application requirements. The application of fake cables not only jeopardizes the application of the robot, but also causes damage to the robot, so it cannot fully function.


3. Data signal manipulation capability


The work of the robot is mainly completed according to the commands issued by the electronic computer. The key to how the electronic computer data signal is transmitted to the robot is the cable. The high cost performance of the cable means that the data signal transmission time is short and accurate, but the poor quality of the cable will cause harm to the data signal transmission. The robot will work immediately and cannot execute commands;


The extra soft silicone wire has a longer life, and only cables with a longer service life can save resources and improve work efficiency. Long-lasting cables are suitable for corporate use. If a company must use flexible silicone wire, it is critical to choose a cable with a longer lifespan. Only then can the application requirements be considered.


If the extra silicone cable can consider the above three requirements, then this cable must be suitable for robot applications. However, if the cable does not meet the above requirements, consider replacing the brand of silicon wire.


extra soft silicone wire


The extra soft silicone wire uses a thinner copper diameter, so the silicone wire has good flexibility. The silicon outer has excellent high temperature resistance and softness, which enables the silicon wire to withstand large currents for a long time. We can customize 3KV-150KV high-voltage lines according to customer needs. The products are widely used in automobiles, lighting, aviation models, car models, ship models, robots, mobile phone motors, buzzers, thermal protectors, TVs, etc. Color: white, blue, red, black, brown, yellow, green, transparent, etc.