The use, advantages and precautions of extra soft silicone wire


The extra soft silicone wire has ultra-high and low temperature performance, high temperature is 200 degrees, and low temperature is minus -60 degrees. The outer skin is made of ultra-soft environmentally friendly silicone wire, which has no peculiar smell, is soft and can be bent at will, is not easy to harden, and has a long service life of acid and alkali resistance. The conductor is made of high-quality 0.08mm tinned copper, which has strong oxidation resistance and is suitable for outdoor use. Widely used in lighting fixtures, household appliances, electric heating appliances, instrumentation, motor lead wires and high temperature environments such as electronics, lamps, and gas appliances. It is used for electrical connection between mobile electrical appliances in high temperature environments such as power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. It has the advantages of light, thin, short, many specifications and good insulation and safety performance.


extra soft silicone wire


The dust accumulated on the cable should be cleaned regularly for the extra-soft silicone cable to prevent the self-ignition of the dust from causing a fire.


Precautions for the use of extra soft silicone wire:


1. The silicone wire ensures the construction quality, especially the production quality of the cable head must strictly comply with the specified requirements.


2. Strengthen the monitoring of cable operation to avoid cable load operation.


3. Cable test, found abnormal processing time.


4, a cable TV channel, keep it dry to prevent the cable from getting wet, causing the insulation to drop and causing a short circuit.


5. Regularly clean the accumulated dust of the cable to prevent the self-ignition of dust from causing fire and cable products.


6. Strengthen the switch and protection, calibration and maintenance of the high-temperature line circuit to ensure reliable movement.


7. Laying cables and heat pipes keep a sufficient distance of not less than 0.5 meters, silicone wire control cables; power cables not less than 1 meter. Control cables and power cables should be divided into grooves to compensate for the overlapping layers between the layered conductors and the separation device, and do not . If the specified position is not reached, the cable is fireproof, and insulation measures should be taken.


8. Install fire alarm devices to detect fire in time to prevent cables from catching fire.


When choosing the extra soft silicone wire, the heat generated by the loss of each part of the electronic cable should be considered, so that the temperature of the electronic cable does not exceed its allowable temperature. In most cases, the transmission capacity of an electronic cable is determined by its allowable temperature. The allowable temperature of electronic cables mainly depends on the thermal aging properties of the insulating material. If the working temperature of the electronic cable is too high, the insulation material will accelerate aging, and the life of the electronic cable will be greatly shortened. Electronic cables can work safely for a long time if they are operated at the allowable temperature.