UL silicone wire insulation characteristics


With the development of science and technology, people have a certain understanding of UL silicone wire. Today, ZHONGZHEN NEW ENERGY Factory specifically described the insulating properties of UL silicon wire, so it can be seen more clearly.


UL silicone wire


UL silicone wire has excellent insulating properties, good organic chemical reliability, high voltage resistance, anti-aging, and long service time. And soft and easy to install. It can be used in long-term wet and cold natural environment, with good electrical properties, moisture-proof and mildew-proof properties. The bending characteristics are of good quality, the minimum bending radius is 16 times the diameter of the cable wire, and can be used for mobile applications. Widely used in lighting equipment, electrical appliances, electric heating appliances, instruments, motor lead wiring and electronic equipment, lighting equipment, gas appliances and other high-temperature natural environments.


UL silicone wire adopts environmentally friendly silicon raw material as the insulating material, the silicon is soft, the flame retardant grade is good, and the cable characteristics are better. UL Silicon's fast-conducting, high-efficiency resistors can operate at small, long-term high current flow fundamentals. UL silicone wire can work in high temperature natural environment, the conductivity is shocking, it can be used to wrap the battery charging wire immediately, and can also be welded to the charging battery transmission wire. It is more suitable for the characteristics of UL silicone wire at the high current level of electronic products and instrumentation equipment.


UL silicone wire can be used as temperature compensation wire, cold-resistant transmission wire, high-temperature heating transmission wire, aging-resistant cable and flame-retardant cable in the electronics industry. The home appliance manufacturing industry can use internal routes such as air conditioners, microwave heating, electronic parts disinfection cupboards, electric rice cookers, electronic parts thermos, electric heating, ovens, electric cookers, and lighting. In addition, coaxial cables for electrical equipment, operation and supervision lines, switching power supply connections, and operation of various mobile charger mechanical equipment, data signals, lighting, etc. can also be used.


UL silicone wire has AC rated current of 0.6/1KV and below fixed, fixed driving force coaxial cable or mobile home appliance connecting cable. UL silicone wire products have the characteristics of high temperature radiation source, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, etc. The cable structure is soft , The radiation source is convenient, the electrical equipment has stable characteristics in the high temperature (cold) natural environment, and has anti-aging characteristics. Communication AC below 1kv with special requirements such as compressive strength, high temperature, anti-corrosion and other mobile terminals such as driving, vehicles, transport machinery and equipment, household appliances driving force coaxial cable and operation, lighting lighting, communication paths.


UL silicone wire


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