What are the characteristics of EV cables?


EV cable, also known as electric vehicle cable, is a high-temperature wire that combines cross-linked polyethylene with insulating sheath and environmentally friendly metal conductor production. , Bending resistance, etc. Mainly used in new energy vehicles, power batteries, charging piles, etc.


What are the characteristics of EV cables


EV cables have the following characteristics:


1. The concentricity of the product is good, which can reach more than 80%, so that the high voltage resistance of the cable remains stable.


2. In order to facilitate use between corner wires in narrow spaces, the minimum bending of the product is 4D. The product has high flexibility characteristics and is very convenient for vehicle cable connection.


3. The cable performs signal control and transmission network system for voltage, current, etc. during the charging process. It has high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, electromagnetic interference resistance, signal transmission stability, anti-distortion more than 10,000 times, wear-resistant more than 50,000 times, and is resistant to Grinding more than 50,000 times, oil resistance, waterproof, acid resistance, acid resistance, acid resistance and other characteristics.


4. The rated temperature of the product is 125, and great technological progress and improvement have been made in the use of one-shot soft-grade insulating material, which is very important to ensure the flexible performance of the cable and improve the liquid flow capacity of the cable.


What are the characteristics of EV cables


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