What is extra soft silicone wire and its advantages


What is extra soft silicone wire and its advantages? The extra soft silicone wire has super high and low temperature resistance performance, high temperature resistance of 200 degrees, and low temperature resistance of minus -60 degrees. The outer skin is made of super soft and environmentally friendly silicone wire, which has no peculiar smell, is soft and can be bent at will, is not easy to harden, and is resistant to acid and alkali and has a long service life. The conductor is made of high-quality ultra-fine 0.08mm tinned copper, which has strong anti-oxidation ability.


What is extra soft silicone wire and its advantages


Among the products of extra-soft silicone wire, UL-certified electronic wire accounts for a relatively large proportion in the market. The main types are distinguished by materials, such as PVC, XLPE, TPEE-63D, PP, and silicone rubber. The temperature resistance of each material is The difference is that XLPE is 105, 125, 150 and hardness 92A/97A; when purchasing electronic wires, select the corresponding electronic wire types according to different usage requirements.


The extra-soft silicone wire is very soft, but the silicon-oxygen bond energy is much higher than the carbon bond in other rubbers, so it is superior in heat resistance and cold resistance. The mechanical properties of silicone rubber are poor at room temperature, but when it is above 150, the mechanical properties exceed other rubbers (including fluororubber). The electrical properties of silicone rubber change little with temperature and frequency, have good arc resistance, and have good thermal conductivity. But oil resistance and solvent resistance are poor.


Advantages of extra soft silicone wire:


1. It has high heat resistance and low cold resistance, and has a very high temperature range: -60℃~+200℃;


2. Has better electrical insulation;


3. It has good weather resistance, ozone aging resistance, oxygen aging and atmospheric aging performance, and can be used for 100 years under normal temperature environment and 10-20 years under 120℃;


4. Good thermal conductivity, which can improve the current carrying capacity of the wire.


extra soft silicone wire


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