What is the function of the high temperature wire and what are its characteristics?


What is the function of the high temperature wire and what are its characteristics? In our real life, the high temperature line has become common and can be seen everywhere, it is with its existence that our life can be so happy. Whenever high temperature wires are mentioned, many people's first impression is: wires that work at high temperatures. As the name suggests, the high temperature wire is characterized by being able to work at high temperature, and the high temperature wire is loved by people precisely because of its high temperature. So are there any other characteristics of the high temperature wire? Now let's find out together.


high temperature wire


First, we would like to introduce this characteristic of the high temperature of high temperature ships that we all know. But here, we must clarify the information we usually call high temperature. This high temperature withstands the temperature of the inner conductor of the wire and cable, not the external temperature, which is a point that everyone must pay attention to. Generally speaking, when the temperature of the inner conductor of the wire reaches the upper limit, the working environment temperature will generally lead to low-energy spontaneous combustion, which is a very scary situation. Second, the high temperature line is not only high temperature, but also has good waterproof performance. This is a function added by the staff after comprehensively considering possible places of use, in order to prevent the wires and cables from being corroded by the external humid air. Of course, some wires and cables are also used in the case of a lot of oil and water, and their own waterproof and oil-proof properties also help to prevent erosion.


Third, the corrosion resistance of the high temperature wire is also very good. Generally speaking, high-temperature wires are widely used in industrial production. There are many corrosive materials in many industries, so wires and cables inevitably come into contact with corrosive substances during use. Therefore, when manufacturing high-temperature wires, corrosive materials are made on the wires. The surface of the cable, which well isolates the wire and cable from the external corrosive materials, is also an important condition for stabilizing the performance of the wire and providing better services for people.


When we buy wires and cables, whether the wires and cables you need can withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance, or whether the wires and cables you need have waterproof performance, these functions can be found on high-temperature wires, and the characteristics of high-temperature wires are many and most people choose this An important reason for this type of wire. So we can consider high temperature wires when choosing wires.