What material is the high temperature wire and its ability is temperature


The high temperature wire is a high temperature resistant wire made of special materials, which is made of high temperature resistant and high strength type and processed by a special process. The main features are high temperature resistance, insulation, fire retardant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, high strength, high modulus, anti-static, smooth appearance and so on. So, what material is the high temperature wire made of? Now let ZHONGZHEN NEW ENERGY Factory introduce what material the high temperature wire is and its ability is temperature.


high temperature wire


What material is the high temperature wire


There are generally two kinds of materials for high temperature wires:


1. Silicone rubber material, soft performance is better. Silicone rubber can be used in the installation and connection of electrical circuits with an AC rated voltage of 500 volts and below, and is widely used in electric heating appliances, paint booths, lighting equipment, lighting and household appliances.


2. Teflon material (PTFE), PTFE hard point. Teflon material can be used in instrumentation, aerospace, power smelting, chemical industry, ships, vehicles, food machinery, household appliances, drying rooms, etc.


How much temperature can the high temperature wire withstand


Usually, high temperature resistant wire is made of solid wire or stranded silver or nickel plated copper wire. It is mainly composed of conductors and insulating layers. The insulator is made of PFA Teflon. This kind of wire is also called high temperature wire. The general working temperature is about minus 80 degrees Celsius to above zero 250 degrees Celsius, and it can operate in an environment of 300 degrees Celsius for a short time.


In addition to the high temperature environment, the high temperature resistant wire also has strong corrosion resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, moisture resistance, high pressure resistance and flame retardancy. On top of that, this type of wire is also "longevity" wire and has a long lifespan. In terms of application, high temperature wires also play a very powerful role. It is commonly used as control wires, automotive wires, aviation wires, rubber-insulated flexible wires, and other applications in various industries such as communications, construction, automotive, and electronics.


high temperature wire


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